Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Surviving the Holocaust: An Exclusive In-Depth Look Brought to Greenville Students

By Natalie Wysokowski
Pictures taken by Nadia Boyea

On Monday, March 27th, Greenville High School students were given the special opportunity to meet Ivan P. Vamos. Born in 1938 in Budapest Hungary, Vamos entered a world of chaos. Foreigners were being brought to concentration camps and many Hungarian Jews were forced to live under various restrictions such as parks, pools, theatres, schools, and careers being prohibited. Ivan described the struggle he and his mother faced, having to pretend to be Russian refugees and carry around false papers. Their fake identities were the only thing keeping them alive -- that is, until he was separated from his mother. While she had been in line to be transported to a concentration camp, Mr. Vamos was forced into a different line, where he awaited his death.

Ivan’s mother acted fast, rushing by his side and taking a strong grasp of his hand. Together, they miraculously were able to run off and escape without facing any consequences. Later they found an abandoned apartment house: the only suitable refuge they’d find to keep them out of harm’s way. There, they remained in the demolished building for months on end. Their source of water came from the toilet flushing tanks high up on the wall, while using scrap newspapers for warmth, and they survived on a small bag of split peas. They were finally able to leave their shelter when the Russians arrived. One could only imagine the relief they felt.

Ivan went on to live a productive life. Following his mother to the U.S. only a year after her departure, he found work in many forms such as the Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Development for NYS parks, and an Engineering Geologist in the US and Australia. Before working for these organizations, he dedicated himself to our Navy as a shipboard engineering officer. Recently, he completed an analysis of the impact of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) pollution in a part of the upper Hudson River. He continues to contribute to New York State and is happily married to his wife for 51 years.

Ivan Vamos truly is an inspiration for young generations. It was an honor for Greenville High School students to experience his life story and be in the presence of such a strong-willed human being.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Career Day Workshops - March 2017
Article by Nadia Boyea

On Friday March 24th, high school students had a half day where they could attend three different workshops. Each hour-long workshop provided the opportunity to learn about different career paths.
All Juniors were required to attend a workshop about job interviews and applications. Amina Puorro, a Greenville graduate herself, was the speaker in this workshop. She spoke about how to present yourself in front of future employers, better your job applications, how to create a cover letter and other job related tasks. Amina was very enthusiastic and it helped students engage in her discussion.

One of the workshops was for Architecture, Restoration and Historic Preservation. Ms. Blenis told groups about her various jobs working on projects with designing, cleaning and restoring different buildings, not only in New York but also along the East Coast. Students also heard a lot of information about the projects and assignments that were done in college, leading up to receiving architecture degree.

Another job-specific workshop was about Drug and Alcohol Prevention educators and counsellors from Twin County, a recovery service program. There were three speakers, each with their own specific and unique job descriptions. Each spoke about what they do and the role they play in the lives of students. Students learned about what prevention and intervention counsellors do. The main goal of those who work at Twin County is to educate people about the harmful effects of addiction and their work to prevent addiction and build character in students.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Greenville High School

Greenville High School A big thank you to our Career Day presenters yesterday!! #GHSBlog

Greenville High School

Greenville High School High School Regional Art Show - GHS has 6 students represented! Christine Focken, Riley Smith, Grace Chesbro, Nadia Boyea, Grace Statham, and Sami Jones, Mr. H and Ms. DellaRocco. Amazing works of art. #GHSBlog